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3 Reasons Why Our Zing & Zest is the Best!

Become zest friends with our energising lemongrass and ginger go-to, Zing and Zest.

A favourite made even better! Have you met our elusive elixir, Zing and Zest? Well, for all of you after an extra pep or wanting to perk up your cup with a caffeine-free alternative, we’re spicing things up with the three reasons why you should become zest friends with this zingy lemongrass legend!

#1. The taste is insane

Check this: spicy ginger root, Egyptian lemongrass, sweet-tart and terrifically tangy hibiscus and a sprinkle of calendula. This is the perfect formula of flavour that makes up our Zing and Zest. The number one reason why we think this brew’s the best is because it tastes insane! When you’re after a bold beverage that’ll smack you sideways with its punchy flavour profile, dunk our Zing our Zest into your mug and tell your tastebuds what’s up.

#2. It has oodles of benefits

Not only is this tea delicious, but it also comes with heaps of goodness. First off, ginger is widely known to help settle the tummy, so if you’re in a pickle or need a soothing sip, you’re in luck. Also, if you’ve loaded up on seconds (or thirds) and feel a food coma coming on, lemongrass is really good at helping food breakdown. In fact, ginger and lemongrass have both been known to help support a healthy stomach lining. In addition, calendula is renowned for its healing and therapeutic properties. Whoa! Now that we think about it, essentially this tea’s a tummy tonic. Good on us for brewing this one up for you to sip.

#3. It’s the tea of all trades

The real reason we love our Zing & Zest is it’s so well rounded. Have it hot. Throw it on ice. In the morning, afternoon or before bed. With honey or on its own. The options are really endless! The benefit of having a kick of spice, with balancing ingredients like hibiscus makes our Zing & Zest a classic flavour combo that can go any which way.

If you’re feeling a cold coming on, squeeze in some lemon while your teabag is steeping and add a squeeze of honey. (You can go even further by grabbing a tea infuser and dunking in grated honey and garlic – yes, garlic – for one seriously good supercharged brew.)

Or if you’re after a refreshing iced tea twist, brew our Zing & Zest for 10 minutes, load up a jug with layers of ice and sprigs of rosemary and pour over. Sweeten with lemon cordial if it tickles your fancy.

Well, well, well… there we go! We’ve shone the spotlight on our perky herbal hero, and we hope you got a kick outta it. Give our Zing & Zest a try and let us know what you think.

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