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G’day, Olive Oil!

Get to know the newest star in our parcel range: our all-Aussie olive oil.

We welcome the newest member to our gang with a little write-up. Introducing our first-ever (and very fancy) Aussie Olive Oil!

Oh hey there, Olive Oil!

So, you know how we love coffee, right? Well, plot twist: we also love other things. Now, don’t get it twisted, our hearts beat for the coffee bean, but at Pod & Parcel, we’re all about delicious, sustainable pantry items. And that’s where the newest member of our pantry party comes in.

Say hello to our all-Aussie Olive Oil; it’s the main feature in our sustainable staples range if you didn’t know! Served up in plastic-free packaging, this ultra-premium oil is award-winning, entirely handmade in Australia, and a true gift from the Gods (we’re biased, but c’mon!)

If you want to get all fancy - think quaffing a glass of red at a cellar door kind of fancy - our Olive Oil also features natural notes of green apple, fresh herbs and almond. Just like our coffee, you can taste subtle nuances and notes whenever you’re splashing or adding our Olive Oil to your dishes.

Dressed up in a delicious salad, dipped into some freshly baked bread or used as a base for a stir fry, we think there’s endless ways you can enjoy it. Or, you know, you could just enjoy its pretty packaging beside your coffee and tea.

OOH, also! We couldn’t go without mentioning the nifty little pourer you get when you buy one. We’re legit obsessed - you’ll see what we’re talking about when you get one for yourself.

So, are you in for our all-Aussie Olive Oil? To grab your sustainable coffee AND your olive oil in one place? Who knew? We did, and we think you’re ready to know, too.

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