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Brew, bundle up & save with our Fressko bundles!

If you’ve ever wanted to try our teas, we’ve given you an excuse with our brand-new Fressko bundles.

P&P fam, a question for you: what’s better than sipping on a tea you love? Well, how about sipping your tea out of a stylish flask and saving yourself a few dollars along the way.

We’re talking brewing up a delightful green tea and having it pipin’ hot for hours on end or loading up sliced fruit and ice into your flask to keep you cool all afternoon long.

Now, here’s the best news: this isn’t a figment of your imagination. This is a reality!

We introduce to you our Fressko bundles

Save some pennies when you grab our brand-new Fressko flask bundled up with either 4 or 6 of our scrumptious teas! When we were thinking about rustling up another round of bundles, we couldn’t go past gathering some of our best-selling brews. But we didn’t just want to do that; we wanted to do one better and throw in a flask to finish things off. Because you do you, brew, and you deserve to be sipping in style.

A tea for every occasion

The best bit about our bundles is the variety. Whether it’s a 4 or a 6 pack bundle, you best believe you are getting all the things. We’re talking about our home gal Summer Berry, that’s perfect over ice with some diced strawberries, and our Zing & Zest that’s delish hot or cold. Plus, we’ve thrown in black tea, green tea and if you bag up our 6-pack bundle, our Absolutely Mint and Modern Royal for our update taken on the regal Earl Grey. Pop those pinkies!

Introducing our Fressko flask!

Have you two met? This bad boy is insulated with a double-walled structure, comes with a built-in infuser and boasts a simple, stylish and sustainable bamboo lid to finish things off. Perfect as a desk companion, a passenger to your car concerts while you’re zipping from A to B, or on your morning jog. Why not flash brew some Absolutely Mint, throw it over ice and add a few slices of cucumber while you’re working out to quench that thirst mid sesh?

Bundle up & save

When you grab our bundles, you save. It’s just that simple! We think you’re going to love our teas and our Fressko flask, so if you’ve ever wanted to try both, we’ve now handed you your excuse. From here, all you need to choose is a 4 or 6 pack to click and sip in style!

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