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Hartmann Estate Story

Here at Pod & Parcel, we’re about keeping things fresh. Switching up our coffee game is the spice of life. So that’s why we’re all about lovely, lively limited-edition coffee blends. Every three months, we serve up a delicious new blend that comes with a story as rich as its flavour. The first cab off the ranks is one that we just had to bring back - think of it as a reunion (and not the cheesy reality TV kind). We introduce (or reintroduce) you to Hartmann!

Panama’s Hartmann Estate, known for producing the best coffee in the world, has been turning heads in the coffee game since 1912. The Estate is still family-owned and is famous for using the ‘Black Winey’ method, which produces a rich, acidic-noted cuppa.

Our in-house coffee wizards have collaborated with Hartmann Estate’s beans, but strictly for a limited release! Read on for a little more about what makes Hartmann so unique and grab yours in its own outta-this-world holographic packaging before it’s gone.

The ‘Black Winey’ style of roasting coffee was exclusively produced by the Hartmann family, after Mr Alois St. Hartmann (also known as Luis) born in 1891 and escaped Czechoslovakia just before the First World War. After migrating to Pennsylvania, he relocated to Panama, where he decided that he would begin farming coffee – thus, founding the Hartmann Estate.

This process unique to the Hartmann Estate starts with over-ripe cherries, which are left to dry on raised beds with the pulp still in tact. This process results in a complex, fruit-driven coffee that’s both rich in flavour and full of depth. Although you can totally have Hartmann with milk, we recommend trying it filter or black to truly experience all its intricate notes and nuances.

Back at the Hartmann Estate, Ratibor is one of the five remaining siblings who’s involved in the management and operations of the coffee estate. Now three generations in, Ratibor focuses on maintaining the quality of the coffee and the brand of Hartmann Estate, ensuring that the quality of its coffee upholds its reputation and past, and each crop yields a unique, delicious flavour.

Another unique characteristic of the Hartman Estate is that it’s nestled between Colombia and Costa Rica. Pana, the home of Hartmann, is renowned for its delicious coffee, and having this estate border two other countries that serve up a word-class cuppa is the perfect spot to farm coffee!

With a pod so rich in history, flavour and depth, give Hartmann a go (before it’s gone!). We’ve only done a limited release of this exception blend, so it’s here for a short time, not a long one.

Add Hartmann as a once-off coffee purchase or pop it into your subscription. If you do add it to your monthly coffee stash, just note that’ll only be included until stocks last!

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