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Dalgona Coffee Recipe

About the recipe

Chances are you’ve seen the whipped coffee trend in your feed over the past few weeks. The viral recipe calls for instant coffee, but as you probably know from your early days of coffee experimentation, instant coffee isn’t the best…

So, we’re here to help you out! We’ve tested a recipe that uses an espresso shot instead of the instant kind, and whilst it’s not as foamy as the viral trend, we can assure you it tastes 100 times better.


  • Equal parts espresso coffee and caster sugar (we used a standard espresso shot, which is about 30ml, and 30g of sugar)
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 5 ice cubes


Step 1

Brew your favourite Pod & Parcel espresso shot

Step 2

Pour your espresso shot into a big glass bowl. You want the bowl to be big enough to allow more air in at the whipping stage - don’t use one that’s too small.

Step 3

Add the caster sugar to the espresso.

Step 4

Using a whisk, mix the espresso and sugar. Whisk, whilst, whisk! It’s important to use a hand whisk, as using an electric whisk will beat the air bubbles out and flatten the mixture. Slow and steady - you got this. Once the mixture pales and gets to a consistency of thick melted ice cream, you’re done.

Step 5

Place the ice into your serving glass and pour the milk in top.

Step 6

Finally, pour the coffee & sugar mixture on top.

Step 7

And voila! Pod & Parcel espresso style whipped coffee - enjoy!

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