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Why Our Sidamo Decaf is Worth the Hype

Decaf. It's got a long history of being the forgotten coffee. The option real coffee connoisseurs don't drink. The coffee that you only have if you can't handle the real deal.

Well, they got it all wrong. Because let us tell you, there is A LOT to love and learn about our Sidamo single origin decaf.

#1 - The taste of sweetness and fruit, in a grown up form..

In a colourful complement of flavours, Sidamo offers you the fruity mix you're after, without sending your head into that uncomfortable spin you get from the slightest sip of caffeine.

Bright-tasting notes of sweet lemon and candied orange form the body of a Sidamo cup, which is rounded by notes akin to dried figs. Suddenly, coffee's looking a lot sweeter.

#2 - Our beans are from the origins of the coffee world.

Imagine tasting beans from the birthplace of coffee? Well that's the coffee you're drinking when you have a cup of our Sidamo Decaf, which we source from the Sidamo Province, in the South East of Ethiopia.

The story says that in Sidamo in 1671, a farmer's goat experienced heightened awareness after eating coffee berries. The farmer then tried the berries for himself, and experienced the same effect, founding the basis of what we refer to as coffee today.

We owe so much to that goat.

#3 - We decaffeinate our coffee with bougie water.

Three words. Swiss Water Process.

Our Sidamo coffee is decaffeinated with the chemical-free Swiss Water Process, meaning it retains all the complex flavour notes that are synonymous with specialty arabica.

Translation: you can have your 9pm night-cap, without having to compromise on quality & taste. Win.

#4 - You know you're getting a quality cup.

Specialty doesn't even begin to cut it.

The Sidamo coffee plants are grown in the highlands of the Sidamo region. These elevations grant the plants a Strictly High Grown (SHG) qualification, meaning the coffee has more time to absorb nutrients and develop more robust flavours based on the climate and soil.

This results in a rich body that is very complex (along with a bright and vibrant aftertaste - yes please), making the Sidamo Decaf a very tempting option for when you want the quality coffee taste, without the caffeine hit.

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